Types of Exercise Bikes: Which One Is Best Suited For You?

What are the Types of Exercise Bikes? Today if you have seen there are various brands available in the market. And people go confused to purchase one particular bike among several brands.

In that case, all the people initially get into the thought about the type of bike they are likely to have among several products. While getting back to this point, let me tell you there are three different categories namely best Spin bikes, and Recumbent Bikes respectively.

Types of Exercise Bikes

Learning each type of bike’s characteristics, pros, and cons, one can decide to choose and get it right immediately. So, therefore, are you ready to learn in detail? If yes, here we go mentioned in the form of a clear and better understandable format.

What are the Types of Exercise Bikes

Finally, here we are. The following are the details related to the types of exercise bikes. Go through without making any kind of second thought.

Spin Bike

Spin bikes are also called Indoor cycling bikes. These might be similar to the Upright bikes but varies in the resistance offered in various possibilities. All the spin bikes going to use a heavyweight flywheel which is completely connected to the bike pedals with the help of the transmission system.

Types of Exercise Bikes 2020

And in turn, they are combined with direct-contact brakes making it more challenging and impressive than any other.

One more most interesting point regarding spin bikes is people especially riders when using a spin bike can sit and stand when pedaling and the resistance also has a chance to adjust by turning the knob just similar to gears available on regular cycles.


  • Each and every spin bikes come with adjustable handlebars and resistance level.
  • People can pedal in two ways either by standing or sitting doesn’t matter.
  • The heavyweight flywheel was going to feel each and every person as they are riding a real bicycle.
  • And these spin bikes going to provide various workouts successfully.


  • It might be difficult for people who have joint problems respectively.

Recumbent Bike

All the recumbent bikes however greatly help to make relax while comparing with other exercising bikes. However, these products are designed including a large cushioned seat with a perfect backrest provision.

exercise bikes 2020

But the only point is no person can stand at the time of pedaling. And the people who are suffering from joint points can greatly prefer these recumbent bikes without any fail.


  • These products come with very less center of gravity.
  • The position of the seat has designed very much comfortably for the riders successfully.
  • These bikes are best suitable for people who have joint pains.
  • The features like an adjustable seat, backrests and many more were included with it.


  • Sometimes it becomes harder, especially while performing workouts.
  • All the models designed bulky in turn occupying more space.

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